Joll Darrak

"The Omniscience/Nerull said I wasn't done!"


CN Male Hill Dwarf Cleric of Torm/Nerull (War Domain) 8
Init: – 1; Proficiency: + 3

AC: 18 (platemail)
SAVES: STR + 4, DEX – 1, CON + 3, INT + 1, WIS + 6, CHA + 5
HP: 59 (7d8+24) (7d8 HD) (see feats)
MELEE: + 1 warhammer of torm + 8 (1d10 + 5 Magical Bludgeoning plus Divine Strike) (versatile 1d8/1d10)
RANGED: javelin + 7 (1d6 + 4 Piercing plus Divine Strike) (3x; 30’/120’)
SPELL: + 6; DC: 14

25’ speed; Darkvision 60’
ADVANTAGE: saves vs poison
DISADVANTAGE: stealth (armor)
RESIST: poison
PROFICIENCY: simple weapons, martial weapons; light armor, medium armor, heavy armor, shields; mason’s tools; stonecunning (2x prof to History re: stonework); Insight, Medicine, Persuasion, Religion
SKILLS: Acrobatics – 1, Animal Handling + 3, Arcana + 1, Athletics + 4, Deception + 2, History + 1 (+ 6 re: stonework), Insight + 6, Intimidation + 2, Investigation + 1, Medicine + 6, Nature + 1, Perception + 3, Performance + 2, Persuasion + 5, Religion + 4, Sleight of Hand, – 1, Stealth – 1, Survival + 3
• Heavy Armor Master (in heavy armor, non-magical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage reduced by 3),
• Sentinel (AoOs reduce a foe’s speed to 0 for the rest of the turn, foes provoke AoOs if they Disengage, and foes within melee provoke AoOs for attacking other targets)

STR 18, DEX 9, CON 16, INT 13, WIS 17, CHA 14

Ritual casting, Spellcasting focus (holy symbol)
SPELL SLOTS: 4x 1st–level, 3x 2nd–level, 3x 3rd–level, 2x 4th–level
REGULARLY PREPARED SPELLS (can choose up to 10/day from cleric spell list):
     1st: cure wounds, guiding bolt, healing word, bless
     2nd: calm emotions, lesser restoration, prayer of healing
     3rd: beacon of hope, create food and water, protection from energy, tongues
     0th: guidance, resistance, sacred flame, spare the dying
     1st: divine favor, shield of faith
     2nd: magic weapon, spiritual weapon
     3rd: crusader’s mantle, spirit guardians
     4th: freedom of movement, stoneskin

War Priest: Up to 3 times per long rest (Joll’s Wisdom modifier) when he uses the attack action, Joll may make an additional weapon attack as a bonus action.
Channel Divinity: Joll can channel twice per short rest as an action. Choose one of the following effects when Joll channels:
          Guided Strike: When Joll makes an attack roll he can use Channel Divinity to gain a + 10 bonus to the roll. He may make this choice after the roll, but before the attack is determined to hit or miss.
          Turn Undead: Present holy symbol and say a prayer as an action. All undead within 30 feet must make a Wisdom saving throw or be turned for 1 minute (or until taking damage). Turned creatures move away and can’t willingly approach within 30 feet, can’t take reactions, and only try to escape if held. It uses Dash to get away or Dodge if it cannot as its action.
               Destroy Undead 2: When an undead fails its saving throw against Joll’s Turn Undead feature, the creature is instantly destroyed if its challenge rating is at or lower than 1.
          War God’s Blessing: When a creature within 30 feet makes an attack roll, Joll can use his reaction to grant that creature a +10 bonus to the roll, using Channel Divinity. He can make this choice after seeing the roll, but before the GM says whether the attack hits or misses.
Divine Strike: Once per turn when Joll hits a creature with a weapon attack, he can cause the attack to deal an extra 1d8 damage of the same type dealt by the weapon to the target.

GEAR: Holy symbol of Torm, platemail, + 1 warhammer of torm, 5x javelins, priest’s pack (backpack, tinder box, blanket, 10x candles, waterskin, alms box, 2x incense blocks, censer, vestments), prayer book, 5x incense, common clothes, belt pouch, 2x platinum rings worth 50g each, 1x potion of healing (2d4 + 2), 1x potion of greater healing (4d4 + 4), mason’s tools, 260g in sapphires, 300g in uncrushed diamonds, 90 pp


Joll Darrak

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