Inheritor Lich

A inheritor lich is a type of intelligent undead spellcaster born from his connection to something important to a former lich, either the remains of a phylactery or part of the deceased lich’s body. Powerful magic affecting the spellcaster at the time of his death may cause the former lich’s phylactery or remains to partially activate, transferring the lich’s undissipated necromantic energies to the dying spellcaster and transforming him into an inheritor lich instead.

This class is a templating class, accessible to any creature meeting the situational prerequisites and possessing at least two hit dice. The first level of this class is thus often a PC or humanoid NPC’s third character level, and its abilities are added to those of the creature’s class of choice each time it gains a level.

This means that a 2nd-level wizard becomes a 3rd-level wizard/1st-level inheritor lich if he transforms at his 3rd level, and every level of inheritor lich he takes allows him to continue progressing as a wizard as well.

Alignment: An inheritor lich becomes evil almost immediately because of his thirst for souls and acceptance of his soul-consuming return to the world of the living.
Hit Die: d8
Proficiencies Gained:

Level Souls Features Abilities
1 4 Darkvision +20 ft Paralyzing Touch (1d12 cold)
2 5 Resistance Channel Negative Energy (1d12 necrotic)
3 7 Darkvision +20 ft Paralyzing touch (2d12 cold)
4 8 Resistance 1 Legendary Action/Day
5 10 Darkvision +20 ft Channel Negative (2d12 necrotic)
6 11 Resistance Soul Siphon
7 13 Darkvision +20 ft 2 Legendary Actions/Day
8 14 Resistance Selective Negative Channel
9 16 Darkvision +20 ft Paralyzing touch (3d12 cold)
10 17 Immunity, truesight: true shape Expedient Soul Siphon
11 19 Darkvision +20 ft 3 Legendary Actions/Day
12 20 Immunity, truesight: invisibility Channel Negative (3d12 necrotic)
13 22 Paralyzing touch (4d12 cold)
14 23 Immunity, truesight: illusions Channel Negative (4d12 necrotic)
15 25 4 Legendary Actions/Day
16 26 Immunity, truesight: ethereal plane Channel Negative (5d12 necrotic)
17 28 Paralyzing touch (6d12 cold)
18 30 Immunity Soul Banishment

Soul Pool: In order to gain the benefits from a long rest, including regaining spell slots, the lich must expend one soul point from their pool. Once per day, the Lich can regain soul points by performing a dark ritual (15 minutes) on a helpless or unconscious creature, gaining half of the creature’s hit dice as soul points. Note, that as an undead creature, the lich doesn’t require sleep or food to function on a day to day basis, meaning they only need to long rest to regain legendary actions, hp, and spell slots. The lich can store as a maximum of souls indicated in the table.

Legendary Actions: At the levels indicated in the table above the inheritor lich gains the ability to perform any action as a reaction by expending soul points. The number of times per long rest the inheritor lich can use a legendary action is also indicated in the table, each legendary costs on soul point plus one soul point for each legendary action used that day. Eg: the first legendary action costs one soul point, the second costs two, the third three, and the fourth four soul points.

Rejuvenation: Due to its close connection to a destroyed true lich in its death, the piece of the destroyed lich nearest the inheritor lich becomes its phylactery, facilitating its rejuvenation. If this phylactery remains unharmed, the next time the inheritor lich is slain or destroyed it gains a new body. This magical item still contains the life force of the lich trying to cling to this world. Nearby intelligent creatures within 60 ft are magically, and unknowingly, compelled to pick up the phylactery. Those with a high passive perception (DC = 8 + lich level) realise they are being compelled and can choose not to pick up the phylactery.

Over the course of the next few days the lich begins taking control the person who picked up the phylactery. Each night the new host rolls a progressively more difficult constitution saving throw to avoid being taken over completely. The initial saving throw DC is equal to 8 + the inheritor’s lich level, each subsequent night the difficulty increases by 2. For every time a new host makes a saving throw the lich must expend one soul point from their phylactery.

When the lich finally takes over the host the lich keeps their CON, WIS, and INT but takes on the hosts CHA, STR, and DEX. If the host has fewer hit dice than the lich, the lich gains negative levels equal to the difference and must spend one soul point per long rest to remove a negative level gained this way. If the host has more hit dice than the lich, the lich must remove that number of levels total from classes she posses and replace them with levels that the host posses.

If no host holds the phylactery for ten days, the lich’s body begins to regenerate. A body coalesces from the nearby elements; the DM may choose a new race for the lich based on the surroundings. The lich gains a number of negative levels such that their lich level would be 1. During each long rest the lich may spend a soul point to remove a negative level gained this way.

Vision: As an undead creature, the inheritor lich gains darkvision at 1st level, or increases the range of his darkvision if he already had it. The inheritor lich’s vision also increases in power as he gains levels, eventually allowing him to see through various forms of magic and illusions, and even through the veil into the Ethereal Plane. The inheritor lich’s maximum darkvision caps out at 120 ft, if he has also gained darkvision from his race or another source.

  • 8th level – The inheritor lich can see in both normal and magical darkness within the range of his darkvision.
  • 10th level – The inheritor lich perceives the original form of a shapechanger or a creature that is transformed by magic within the range of his darkvision.
  • 12th level – The inheritor lich can see invisible creatures and objects in within the range of his darkvision.
  • 14th level – The inheritor lich can automatically detect visual illusions and succeed on saving throws against them within the range of his darkvision.
  • 16th level – The inheritor lich can see into the Ethereal Plane within the range of his darkvision.

Paralyzing Touch: At 1st level the inheritor lich gains the ability to use the energy of a soul, expending it from their soul pool, to make a melee spell attack against a single target as a bonus action, dealing 1d12 cold energy. This damage increases as shown on the table above. The target must succeed on a Constitution saving throw against the inheritor lich’s spell save DC or become paralyzed for a number of rounds equal to half of the lich’s level rounded up or until the lich looses concentration. The target can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success.

Resistance/Immunity: As the inheritor lich increases in his mastery over his decaying body, he begins to shed some of its weaknesses. At 2nd level and every two levels thereafter, the inheritor lich may choose to gain resistance against one type of effect or damage from the following list: charmed, cold, exhaustion, poison. At 4th level, the inheritor lich adds the following options to his list of choices for resistances: frightened, lightning, necrotic, paralyzed. At 6th level, the inheritor lich adds the following options to his list of choices for resistances: non-magical bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing.

At 10th level, the inheritor lich may choose to add an additional resistance from the list to his resistances, or may increase a resistance he has already gained to an immunity, depending on his level. At 10th level, the inheritor lich may increase one of the following resistances to an immunity: charmed, exhaustion, frightened. At 12th level, the inheritor lich adds the following options to his list of choices for immunities: paralyzed, poison. At 14th level, the inheritor lich adds the following options to his list of choices for immunities: non-magical bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing.

Channel Negative: As a inheritor lich grows in power, it gains the ability to destroy a soul to release necromatic energies. Starting at the 2nd level of inheritor lich, a character gains the Channel Negative spell-like ability. Once per long rest, the inheritor lich may deal the damage indicated on the table to everyone in a 60ft sphere centered on themselves. This ability becomes more powerful as the lich does, at higher level the lich can spend an additional soul point to exclude two creatures in this sphere. A DC con saving throw equal to the lich’s spell save DC halves the damage.

Soul Siphon and Soul Banishment: At 6th level the lich gains the ability to siphon the soul from another creature, the lich uses a soul in it’s phylactery to do so. At the start of the channel and at the start of each of the creatures turn it makes a constitution saving throw with DC equal to the lich’s spell save DC. This spell like ability requires concentration. The target immediately gains one point of exhaustion and another point of exhaustion at the start of the lich’s turn while the lich maintains concentration on this ability. If the creature dies during, or from this effect the lich gains soul points equal to the amount of hit dice that creature had. This ability can be used as a legendary action before the lich starts their turn effectively giving the creature two levels of exhaustion before they have a chance to react.

At tenth level the lich exhausts the creature at two points of exhaustion per round.

At eighteenth level the lich can attempt to rend the soul from a creature immediately, killing it. The lich must make a spell casting check with DC equal to the number of hit dice the creature has plus 8. The creature then gets to make the usual throw against Soul Siphon.

Inheritor Lich

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